The Kairos Platform requires an IQFeed account for realtime use.  

  1. If you want to view the video Free Quandl EOD Data , skip IQFeed, go to step 5
  2. Signup for IQFeed account(1 week trial is available)
  3. Download and install IQFeed client     
  4. Configure IQFeed to login automatically
  5. Register to create a username and password to login to your account(**Important- after this step, your account will not be permissioned until it's set up - this may take up to 24 hours, but you will receive an email confirming when you're able to login)
  6. You’ll receive an email with your activated Kairos account
  7. Download and Install Kairos here Kairos Download
  8. Start Kairos using an Administrator Account
  9. Use the username and password in step 5 to login to the Kairos Platform
  10. To Uninstall , use Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs/Uninstall Kairos and delete the Kairos folder



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