StormChasers Technologies Kairos Investment Analyzer


Automated Trading/Gann Analysis

Kairos Platform™ lets you automate trading systems with advanced scalingout, profit optimization and risk management tools in minutes.    

Advanced Gann Analysis/Tools - Gann Angles, Planetary Time Projections, and Planetary Price Projections modules. 

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The KairosPlatform™ Advantages:

  • Develop your own Closed-System Automated Trading Systems in minutes
  • Automated Trading Platform
  • Multiple types of Stops/Targets
  • 21 types of Targets including automated scaleouts
  • 5 types of Stops
  • Market Profile indicators
  • Implement your own indicators
  • FREE EOD data through Quandl - over 25 datasources
  • Futures, Forex, Equities, so you can trade the market of your choice
  • Intraday charts based on 24 hours
  • Compatibility with CSI EOD Data - enables access to decades of price data - so you can easily perform Gann Analysis on long term Price Data
  • Compatibility with IQFeed - for realtime trading and intraday analysis
  • Connect to Interactive Brokers with one button
  • Smart Gap Scanner - Find premarket gaps from universe of over 7500 equities
  • Standard suite of analytics included(more than 100) - to add confirmation to Kairos primary timing analyses.
  • Build Multiple Automated Trading Systems to run concurrently
  • Unique timing tools - Harmony of Discord, Fractal Pattern detection
  • Time Projections based on Helio/Geo Longitude/Latitude/Declination, Transits to Natal/Directions/Progressions and Transits to Transits
  • Gann Time Analysis - calculates which Planet(s) degree movement is optimized for a market
  • Cycles Library includes Armstrong 8.6 year cycle, SunSpot Cycles, EarthTides

As a trader you must continually improve your system - you need cutting-edge tools that give you an advantage.  Kairos gives you tools to both trade and analyze trading ideas. 

Stormchaser Technologies Kairos Modules

Kairos Platform™:

  • Algorithmic/Automated Closed-System Trading Systems
  • Realtime algorithmic alerts on user-configured criteria
  • Development of Automated Trading Systems
  • Run Multiple Automated Trading Systems concurrently
  • Advanced Gann Analysis
  • FREE Quandl EOD data - over 25 free sources

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