Scalp01 - Futures scalping/scaleout system

This system allows you to maximize return on a scalp.  It uses the FixedTickToSldAdjust stop and scaling out of positions of the target.  Using a 2 contract position, it has an initial 8 tick stop.  Once 4 ticks is reached, the first contract is scaled out and the stop is reduced to 4 ticks sliding stop loss.  From the point that it exits the first contract with 4 ticks profit, it's a guaranteed break even trade, and the second contract has the opportunity to run. 

This automation of stops/targets in this way  takes the pressure off of you to react quickly and stop out or take profits, allowing you to focus on getting the ideal entry.  As a scalper you will have many break even trades, a few losses, and a few big winners.  Using this trade automation helps put discipline into your trading and removes the stress.