StormChasers Technologies Kairos Investment Analyzer


Automated Trading/Gann Analysis

Kairos™ modules include Harmony of Discord(HoD) and Fractal Analysis for intraday trading, and Gann/Astro-finance analysis with historic data.    Advanced Gann Analysis can be performed with the Gann Angles, Planetary Time Projections, and Planetary Price Projections modules. Register now to analyze your markets with the suite of Gann Tools.


The Kairos™ Advantages:

  • Unique timing tools - Harmony of Discord, Fractal Pattern detection
  • Time Projections based on Helio/Geo Longitude/Latitude/Declination, Transits to Natal/Directions/Progressions and Transits to Transits
  • Gann Time Analysis - calculates which Planet(s) degree movement is optimized for a market
  • Cycles Library includes Armstrong 8.6 year cycle, SunSpot Cycles, EarthTides
  • Futures, Forex, Equities, so you can trade the market of your choice
  • Intraday charts based on 24 hours
  • Compatibility with CSI EOD Data - enables access to decades of price data - so you can easily perform Gann Analysis on long term Price Data
  • Compatibility with IQFeed - for realtime trading and intraday analysis
  • Compatibility with Interactive Brokers 
  • FREE EOD data through Quandl - over 25 datasources
  • Premarket Gaps
  • Standard suite of analytics included(more than 100) - to add confirmation to Kairos primary timing analyses.
  • Build Multiple Automated Trading Systems to run concurrently
  • Automated Trading Platform
  • Multiple types of Stops/Targets
  • Scaleout of Targets

As a trader you must continually improve your system - you need cutting-edge tools that give you an advantage.  Kairos gives you tools to both trade and analyze trading ideas. Register to start automating your trading system now.



Stormchaser Technologies Kairos Modules

Kairos™ modules include:

  • Harmony of Discord
  • Fractals
  • Gann Angles w/ Geometric Squareouts
  • Planetary Cycle Projections
  • Planetary Cycle Analysis
  • Planetary Lines/Support Resistance(2 modes & Helio/Geo)
  • Premarket Gaps
  • Realtime algorithmic alerts on user-configured criteria
  • Development of Automated Trading Systems
  • Run Multiple Automated Trading Systems concurrently

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