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S&P is tracking well with EarthTides

Nothing in this blog constitutes trading or investing advice.  This blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only.  

The S&P has been very volatile lately, but the major turning points have been following Earth Tides quite well recently.  The S&P had it's first turn from the fall that started on 8/16 on 8/24 , 2 days after the Earth Tide bottom on 8/22. The S&P then made a swing top on  8/28, coinciding with the Earth Tide top made over the weekend on 8/29.  Earth Tides are now showing a bottom on 9/4, up until 9/12.  My guess is that it will be up to sideways up.  However the Earth Tides down move was larger than the previous down move, but the S&P move was shorter relatively.  This could indicate a stronger move up.  

There is a major bottom indicated on Oct 3 and a higher bottom on 11/2, so we could see a double bottom situation over the next couple of months, before a larger move up can occur.  

Earth Tides are based on the relative rotational and orbital motions of the Sun, Moon and Earth.  It's based on a model used to predict expected periods that should be observed in an actual Earth Tide.  I'd like to hear what you think - email me at [email protected]