Automated Trading Platform

The Scanner that generates Realtime Algorithmic Alerts can be used as a standalone tool to alert for trades, or it can be used in conjunction with the Kairos Automated Trading Platform (KATP) .  When enabled, KATP takes alerts from any user-configured module of the Scanner and handles the trade from entry through exit. Multiple Trading Systems can be configured through the Configure Modules window.


Configuring Trading Systems - Entry through Exit

This window allows you to configure seamless automated trading systems, from entry through exit. Specify the short and long entry conditions, multiple scaleout targets, various stops, the routes for orders. Position Sizing can be configured, as well as specifying particular symbols and time windows for particular trading systems.



Running Automated Trading Systems

Once your trading system is configured, execute it in realtime by connecting to the Interactive Brokers Platform, or run it in simulation mode.  



Automated Trading Systems

The PVTXV3 is an 24/7 Futures Trading system.  It holds no position for more than 3-4 hours and monitors/trades multiple futures markets.  The Scalp01 System is a tool for traders to maximize the results for scalping trades.  


The following can be configured in the Trading System (Configure Modules) window

  • Long Entry Criteria
  • Long Exit Criteria
  • Short Entry Criteria
  • Short Exit Criteria
  • 21 types of Stops
  • 5 Types of Targets, including ScaleOut
  • ScaleOut of Positions as they become profitable
  • ScaleOut and Stops work together
  • Position Quantity
  • Automatic Position Sizing
  • Entry Parameters
  • Price Strategy
  • Order Type
  • Order Route
  • Automatic Route selection for Futures
  • Stop Exit Price Strategy
  • Target Exit Price Strategy
  • Order Scaling
  • Entry and Exit Times
  • Basket Parameters to control global P&L for a trading system
  • Max Capital
  • Max Positions
  • Don't Chase Criteria
  • Block reentry after stop exit
  • Block reentry after target exit